Why banks hold Blockchain’s mass adoption key

As of January 2018, I'm 38 years old and I have always been a technologist, a passionate of computers and all things digital. As many of you, I remember the irruption of the Internet in our daily lives and the questions that it raised at the very beginning. Among those questions there were two that... Continue Reading →


Truffle testing Smart Contracts

Truffle, the Ethereum development framework that really saves you time by speeding up processes such as Smart Contract compilation and deployment, has a unit testing module that executes testing files against your smart contracts and asserts the response received back. As in many things in the development world, there are some easy and intuitive commands... Continue Reading →

Solidity Contract example: A Shop

These days I've been hard at studying Solidity as much as I can and the results show by themselves! I'm tackling the next project of the B9 Lab Ethereum Developer course that requests to create a Shop as follows: A shopfront The project will start as a database whereby: as an administrator, you can add... Continue Reading →

My second Solidity contract (Remittance)

As the holidays celebrations decrease, my time dedicated to learn Ethereum increases. This time I've completed the second small project proposed in the b9 Lab course which consists of the following: Remittance You will create a smart contract named Remittance whereby: there are three people: Alice, Bob & Carol. Alice wants to send funds to Bob, but... Continue Reading →

My first Solidity contract (Splitter)

On the 5th of December 2017 I enrolled in an Ethereum developer online course by b9 Lab. This is a big step for me as all the technologies that I'm learning and that surround Blockchain are a world far away from the Business Intelligence technologies that I learnt for the past 10 years. Yet, the... Continue Reading →

About Bitcoin, BlockChain and Bubbles

"The art of prophecy is difficult, especially with respect to the future" - Mark Twain Yesterday, 10th of December 2017 Cboe launched for the first time a Bitcoin futures contract, the BTX. Next week, on the 17th of December, CME will do the same with its contract named BTC. BTX will be equal to 1... Continue Reading →

Public Speaking Tips (I)

I always liked speaking in public, from a small office meeting to a big audience. I enjoy the thrill and the opportunity to share something interesting with others. During my 5 years job at Microsoft, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to practice public speaking almost every day. To add to that experience, I... Continue Reading →

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